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VTFA: Base set up on Geshon

Geshon is a planet set in the outer arms of the Andromeda galaxy. The solar system is E-3836. System's star is Olamatrix. Terrestrial planets (in order from distance from star): Mekodon, Geshon, Elesium. Gaseous planets: Akados, Rebedon, Zekenwuadd, Alerbeon. Belts: Tafan belt (separates terrestrial planets from gaseous). Kielse belt (separates gaseous planets from outer system). Tafan belt is made up of mostly iron based asteroids so that gives us a good supply of iron, as well as Gold since there are golden asteroids with a few platinum. Kielse belt made up of smaller asteroids and comets. Beyond that is Kremedos, Ionios, Bresedarin, and Kelechodos. Largest planet: Kelechodos (gaseous planet). Smallest planet: Mekodon (terrestrial planet). This system is a good one to start life in with a fairly new star. More information will be posted on the system.
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